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Mortgage Finder
Product management & strategic design
Built and continuously performed Product Discovery at Mortgage Finder, revamped and integrated mortgage journey into the Property Finder product ecosystem that led to an increase in the number of mortgage leads by 167%.
Feb. 2023 — Oct. 2023
Mortgage Finder

Feedback Redesign
Product design
Accountable for the squad's internal and external research processes, workshops, and end-to-end design planning and execution, resulting in an increase in the average feedback conversion rate of around 9 times.
May 2022 — Sep. 2022

Favorites Redesign
Product design
Worked as a sole product designer on the favorites section on all platforms. Recent redefinition of navigation through favorites led to an increasing GMV of 2.7 times on DAU of the favorites lists of products increased 5 fold.
May 2020 — Apr. 2021

Business dashboard
Led Chatfood's strategic initiative to redefine a new information architecture for the business dashboard aiming to increase the findability of functionalities for our business users.
July 2022 — Sep. 2021
Design System
Led the creation of the Design Library of widgets, which were used throughout (main page, product pages, favorites, and other verticals). As a result, the time-to-market for internal features was reduced by up to 60% on average. Сosts for new layouts reduced by 33%.
Sept. 2019 —— June 2021

MTS Cashback
I was the sole designer of MTS Cashback. It was built from scratch using the Agile method. Expanded the functionality of the program adding a history, withdrawal, and rewards marketplace.
Sept. 2017 —— Dec. 2018
МТС Cashback

MTS Locator
Worked as a product designer on the process of adding devices. Expanded device compatibility adding: automobiles, pet trackers, bracelets, etc.
Oct. 2018 – Aug. 2019
MTS Locator

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