My leadership values
Things that are important to me and have shaped me as a professional.

Product Ownership
The trio of design, product management, and engineering should have shared ownership over what gets built. Regardless of who comes up with the winning idea, all three parts of the trio need to be involved starting at the concept phase, through product release.

But speaking more broadly, everybody is responsible for user experience and product quality. When there is a group that everyone thinks is responsible for the experience users have, it allows everyone else to believe this is the only thing a certain group of people thinks about.

Organizations that want to deliver the best products and services should be ensured that product quality and user experience are everyone's responsibility.

Do Work You Can Be Proud Of
Sometimes we get task oriented and just go through the motions. But when we focus on taking pride in our work, we go the extra mile, produce better results with higher value, and inspire those around us to give their best.

Ultimately, no one wants to do the same job over again – doing work we can be proud of the first time saves the extra effort of dealing with any consequences of work that is simply done, but not done with pride.

The value of collaboration comes when both sides respect other people's time and recognize their work, when they are ready for mutual help or give space to each other. Common mistakes in a conversation are talking only about yourself and not being an active listener.

This not only works for personal life but in the workplace and hiring process as well. We should never forget that people spend the most precious they have — their time.


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